Can you wait four months for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date? That’s the big question regarding people holding out for Samsung’s extra-big smartphone/We’re sorting through the rumors and leaked, and to do that we’ve gotten out our trusty S Pen ready to declare which are plausible and which are wishful thinking.What’s the big deal about this forthcoming smartphone? Well, the Note 9 is poised to be the massively sized update to the Galaxy Note 8, and slightly bigger and better than the Galaxy S9 an

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Google Assistant is getting better day by day. The AI-powered virtual aide shows no sign of stopping as it gets equipped with yet another key feature that sets it apart from its competitors.According to a report from Android Police, you can now ask Google Assistant for help if you are facing battery issues with your Pixel 2 smartphone. The new capability was discovered when a user asked Google Assistant on a Pixel 2, running Android 8.1 Oreo developer preview, why his phone wasn’t charging properly.In response, Google Assistant initiated a troubleshooting process that included a battery health check-up, followed by scanning for particularly power-hungry apps. After exhausting all of its options, the Assistant also displayed another alternative to connect the user to Google Support via phone or chat.

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends Cars These are the 15 best Porsches ever made Gaming They’re just super: The 25 best SNES games Home Theater Google Pixel Buds review Home Theater Apple AirPods review DT Daily Samsung S9 smartphone to come in three — maybe four — versions? From operating systems to smartphones, competition between Apple and Google has effectively defined an era of technology. With the release of the AirPods last December, Apple established a firm grip, if not a stranglehold, on

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Dancing robots break new record and other newsBBC Click’s Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week’s technology news stories including:More than 100 robotic experts warn the United Nations to take action to prevent the development of “killer robots”The largest group of dancing robots sets a Guinness World Record in ChinaDevelopers in Japan offer a robot “priest” to conduct Buddhist funeral rites at a fraction of the cost of a human

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You might have heard, the iPhone turned 10 years old this week.Apple has good reason to celebrate.The iPhone turned Apple from a manufacturer of trendy computers and music players into the world’s most valuable company. The App Store is an economy unto itself. And all new smartphones, no matter who makes them or which operating system they run, are measured against the iPhone — and (mostly) fall short of the bar set by Apple.

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Apple iPhone 8 Revolutionary Camera will be a game-changer :- We are the month away from the announcement date. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. Around the Diwali festive season, tech giant Apple will launch the new Apple iPhone 8.It is speculated that the upcoming handset of Apple is set feature a stainless steel chassis with a glass face and back instead of aluminium housing.

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