“One of the benefits of this building is how it links nature and land, and how you can come safe from the land and in a very dramatic way go down through this concrete tube to the nature at sea level, and experience what normally is not experienced,” said Rune Grasdal, lead architect on the project.Visitors can expect three levels and a capacity of up to 100 people. Below the entrance and the cloakroom there will be a champagne bar, to mark the transition between shoreline and ocean. Further down there wil

Source: Snohetta designs Europe’s first underwater restaurant – CNN Style

But suppose the time comes when you do feel stuck — what can you do about it? And how do you use this period of stagnancy and lack of creativity as a tool to accelerate your success? “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” – Coco Chanel Realize that you are not by yourself in this feeling — everyone has felt stagnant at some point in their lives. In reality, even the most successful and most impactful figures have experienced feeling stuck. But they use this feeling to motivate and propel them

Source: Powerful Leaders Like Coco Chanel and Steven Spielberg on Feeling Stuck And How They Used It to Their Benefit | Inc.com

What’s a better investment, real estate or the stock market? Over the last 20 years, in spite of the housing crash, you would have done better with real estate if you bought in one of the 20 U.S. cities where prices have risen the most. That’s a little misleading, of course. It doesn’t take into account things like mortgages or property tax or maintenance and repairs, nor the advantages of having an investment you can also call home. But it’s fascinating to see how steeply values have risen in some commun

Source: 10 Cities Where Owning a Home for the Last 20 Years Could Have Made You a Millionaire | Inc.com

New regulations hit expat Danes returning with non-EU spousesAs expected, EU ruling on 26-year exception to attachment rule creating problemsIf you’re not Royal, it might be a problem bringing a foreign spouse into Denmark (photo: Holger Motzkau)April 24th, 2017 12:32 pm| by Stephen Gadd New regulations make it more difficult for returning Danes to bring foreign spouses back with them, and the first rejection of family reunification under this law has already taken place.Last summer, a decision from the Court of Human Rights forced the Danish government to remove the so-called 26-year-rule, which made it possible for Danes living abroad to return with a foreign spouse, even though they had started a family abroad.

Source: New regulations hit expat Danes returning with non-EU spouses – The Post

Some 170 years ago, a visionary brewer named Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811-87) laid the foundations for a modern company in Denmark.The man took over his father’s brewery business and followed his passion for beer on a lifelong journey to improve the quality of the brand he named Carlsberg. From lagers and ales to stouts and wheat beers, Carlsberg is arguably today the most popular beer in Denmark as well as many other countries across the world.

Source: King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg – The Post

Image from 100% Human at Work An overarching theme of the discussions was courage. I found this framing particularly relevant when thinking about the work we are trying to do to drive change, test new ideas and build a movement. We don’t know all of the answers about what the future might bring, and it takes courage to be the first, to be breaking new ground, and to not be afraid to fail and be disruptive. We also talked about having the courage to follow, and how the first followers can often be the key

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DESTINATIONSFOOD & DRINKPLAYSTAYWONDERONE SQUARE METERSpectacular abandoned castles around the worldFrancesca Street, CNN • Updated 24th August 2017FacebookTwitterEmail(CNN) — An abandoned castle always cuts an impressive figure — a blast from the past submerged behind ruined walls.Says author Kieron Connolly, whose new book “Abandoned Castles” explores the world’s most spectacular forgotten fortresses, they’re also windows on long gone civilizations.”Societies are like a body: centuries go by and the body decays,” he tells CNN Travel.”The castle’s like the skull or like the teeth, in fact they even look a bit like teeth, sticking out, out of the ground. They give us some clues, some entries into the past.”Connolly’s book features castles from around the world and across the ages — including 19th century military forts in the French Alps, 13th century castles in the Scottish Highlands and a medieval fortress in Syria.

Source: Abandoned castles around the world | CNN Travel