Proactive Human Resources Generalist with twenty (20) years of experience in Regional and Global HRM development and strategy, transformation, Change Management, hands-on coaching in technical and behavioural perspective, M&A/Integration and Digital HR Transformation perspective, ten (10) years each from Asia and ten (10) years from Europe. Innovation and efficiency Leadership Development coaching for both individuals and teams at all levels. Twenty-one (21) years of Psychology & HR management studies. Exemplary strengths: Leading change and shaping human resource results. I am passionate about HR and was assessed high on empathy, integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, and sincerity. I approach each day with positive energy, determination, and humour.



Global Chief Human Resources Officer

August 2016 – Present.
Based in Asia & Luxembourg. www.humanius.com
Delivering HR for: Our investor team, senior management, and 76 companies/projects owned by The Humanius Group, which are primarily tech companies, marketing delivery companies, service, and selling companies.

Oversees all aspects of human resource management and industrial relations policies, practices, and operations for The Humanius Group and 76 owned companies. Placing key focus on Strategy, talent management, recruitment, performance management, salary & benefit structure, organizational development. The HR service delivery owner, compliance and governance regulator, coach and adviser to the global and regional senior leadership teams.

Authored a five-year strategic developing plan with focus on engaging senior management in the development;
Offer mentorship and coaching processes to our fast-growing Generation Y;
Train Generation Y in the empathic part of social interaction, so we can see a higher social interaction;
Include more flexible work-hour models and more leisure time;
Include “impact” in our definition of shaped results. Be sure the company and HR always can be trusted; Make sure the company fulfils the qualifications of being honest;
Train leaders on higher level cadre to motivate, inspire, and “take the lead”;
Joined the board’s talent and compensation committee overseeing employee satisfaction, workforce engagement, benefits and compensation, and diversity;
Shaping new Salary Grids and Salary Range;
Define ahead of time the value that is expected using qualitative as well as quantitative factors;
Make sure the CEO and the group executive understand better what the manager needs to do to outperform competitors in the heat of battle;
Focus on the gap between a leader’s talents and the job requirements. Identify differences in competencies/skills and behaviour via HR Business Partners;
Transform Performance Management to Coaching and Development and change measuring to the concept. Employee Experience Goals, and;
Develop new safety procedures with the focus on re-evaluating old security and safety procedures.
  • Placed stronger focus on selecting employees who, to a higher degree, fit the defined amount of needed talent and who fit the culture, leadership, team, and tasks;
  • Trained senior management and Hiring managers on the best way to select the right employees for the company, especially understanding the Gen Y differences;
  • Implementation of local HR Business Partner model;
  • Development of new Talent and Leadership capabilities on a Global level;
  • Talent Management, plus Succession mapping and establishment of Career Frameworks;
  • Transformed the L&D role as a part of the HR Team, focus on mentoring, Gen Y, effect & value;
  • Delivered a full HR digitalization process for Administration/payroll/benefit/fleet management, statistics, performance management, and recruitment;
  • Transferred payroll and benefits administration to accounting. HR deliver Salary Grids and Ranges, and;
  • New Intranet shaped for Smartphone & laptops implemented, including surveys, facility bookings, hotel and travel booking, emergency information, and advice. First aid and health and safety courses.

Global Chief Human Resources Officer

July 2016 – Present
Based in Asia. www.wedoourbest.org

WeDoOurBest is The Humanius Groups humanitarian organization with activities focusing on children and young people who have difficulty in Asia. The organization is relatively new but already has some successful full-time projects in the northern Philippines as well as in Thailand.

Developed a new organizational structure and rebuilt the HR team;
Advised the global leadership & board of directors;
Acted as the compliance and governance regulator, the organizational and performance manager, and the workforce strategist, all the while ensuring that the organization worked efficiently.
  • Rebuilt the organization structure and defined the culture, with the Chairman & Senior Management;
  • Delivered a new HR plan in just 30 days with focus on change, efficiency, and goals;
  • Trained and managed Change Management project and made Digital HR Transformation, and;
  • Cut travel costs by 42% and executed a new travel program that contributed to this high savings.

Regional Human Resources Director

October 2015 – July 2016.
Based in Phnom Penh. www.dfdl.com
DFDL is a law &service firm covering the Mekong region in Asia-Pacific, 13 offices.

Advised the CEO on strategic projects and assisted in re-designing the corporate culture, used keywords and implemented habits & goals. Designed and optimized the new HR workflow, focusing on talent management and performance.

Provides day-to-day direction across the Asia-Pacific region in all aspects of international human resources, including supervision of expatriate;
Assumes corporate responsibility for development of company guidelines, policies and procedures on expatriate issues;
Serves as the designated expert on the interpretation of human resource policies issues for expatriates; Develops and implements HR elements for global business travellers;
Develops and assists the implementation of human resource programs for all foreign entities with a concentration on host-country labor law and legal issues;
May maintain involvement with new foreign bodies for an extended period to develop policies, processes, and procedures and handle employee relations issues.

  • Established a new regional HR Team and held weekly meetings & coaching sessions with our 11 HR Managers;
  • Implemented cloud HR Digital Solutions: Administration, performance management & recruitment. Led the data clean-up and evaluated the data;
  • Restructured the Recruitment model: “Present 5 suitable candidates in 7 days”;
  • Strengthened relationships with head-hunters, eliminating legacy recruitment mistakes and trained Hiring managers, and;
  • Advised on optimizing the cash flow and collection. Shaped solutions to positively influence business results.

Global Chief Human Resources Officer

July 2013 – October 2015.
Based in Asia & Luxembourg. www.humanius.com

Delivering HR for: Our investor team, senior management, and 76 companies/projects owned by The Humanius Group, which are primarily tech companies, marketing delivery companies, service, and selling companies.

  • After an audit, the HR area was re-evaluated and transformed with focus on efficiency, necessity, and result;
  • Created a new HR plan, shaped and synchronized it with the business plan, growth, culture, and vision, and;
  • Conducted training for senior management in change management from a technical and behavioral perspective.
  • Staff turnover rate of 2.7% for 2014, 2.4% for 2015; employee satisfaction rate of 97.5% for 2016;
  • Enhanced internal communications. All employees have access to global company activities on a daily basis via the internet through chat system, idea wall, birthday, jubilee, guests, training, forms, etc.;
  • Shaped the plan for the CEO initiative, “No employment can be terminated based on performance issues” and implemented one of the best benefit plans;
  • Based on the Board’s demand, we transformed and reshaped the finance team organization to a new service department, with focus on accounting, statistics, and salary, and;
  • Established a new COO role and was taking care of the job until we had the right person.

Director of Talent & HR Management

May 2012 – June 2013.

Reshaped the Human Resources and Talent Management area in China; designed and implemented a new regional HR plan for Asia-Pacific, including transformation and digitalization of the HR Area.

Shaped and implemented a full Human Resources digitization process for admin, recruitment, talent management (evaluation), three systems executed within nine months. Including data cleaning in both Chinese and English;
Ensured that the systems can handle Chinese documents, employment work permit and visa and that the systems can work together;
Based on a thorough HR audit, evaluate the agreements HR in China deal with suppliers such as hotels, property brokers, service apartments, car rental, language trainers, airlines, etc. focus on ensuring clarity and better agreements with suppliers;
Evaluates our participation in Chinese university career days related to attracting candidates;
Is this what we need to find our employees primarily? And how does this audience match what we need? “Branding for appeal,” shaping a 1st class communication program for the candidates who we are interested in, “candidates who believe in what we believe in”.

  • HR transformation and digitalization: three systems implemented within nine months;
  • Shaped a “more western way” of dealing with discount agreements, so that the discount benefited the company;
  • Reshaped the HR Team and trained the new HR people, implemented a follow-up system with short daily briefings; “Employee reports to the leader about progress and issues.”
  • In the new talent management strategy, defined the needs we had and changed the recruitment efforts and introduced a new model that could deliver “7 candidates in 10 days”. We introduced candidate mapping as well as created a database of 30.000 candidates each updated by the candidates themselves every 4 months.

Human Resources Director

January 2011 – April 2012.
Based in Copenhagen. www.interpublic.com & www.ium.dk

Created a new Nordic HR and TM plan that was implemented successfully via cross-function teams. Key focus: Recruitment, talent/job definitions, performance management/evaluation, welcoming/induction, career planning/successor planning. Admin audit/contract management.

Shaped a new employee handbook for 4 countries;
Based on an American HR concept, develop and implement a new HR concept that focuses on well-being, job satisfaction, performance management, evaluation processes;
Shape a “Train the trainer system”; not a normal one but one like: Teach employees how to learn, not just what to join the training and do training;
Bring up the participation level in L&D Activities from 76% to over 90%, but also be sure we check up on the training standards and measures current knowledge after training;
Shape a concept to make the HR team more valuable. Clarify the benefits of active cooperation with HR, focusing on the values that strengthen the company’s earnings. Also, focus on how we enhance the employee in the field to win more customers;
Clarify who is high-performing employees and who is high-potential employees. Shape a VIP training system welcoming the high-potentials, let’s make them the lightning torches of success, those that the others will follow.

  • Got involved management in daily HR work by creating cross-functional groups where they work with employees so that these groups form the HR framework, according to a planned concept; the groups are used as ambassadors for implementation, evaluation, and adjustment and the “Train the trainer system” will be shaped at the same time;
  • Creating more explicit information about education internally and externally, got a dedicated budget for activities. Ensured additional follow-up with SMS and by HR following up one to one of the participants, achieved 91% participation level;
  • Based on the business plan and the direct needs, include these elements in the training that takes place, so training is more relevant and more operational;
  • Shaped a high-potential team that is involved as an advisory board for the CEO.

Chief Operation Officer

July 2009 – January 2011.
Based in Asia. www.abilities-international.com & www.4selection.com
The company is owned by The Humanius Group.

Growing the company from 47 to 55 Advisors. Shaped new adjusted HR Tools and digitalized databases.

Chief of Staff/Deputy General Director

April 2008 – July 2009.
Based in Denmark. www.msf.org & www.msf.dk

Designed and implemented a new HR, TM and TA setup for employees and volunteers, including transformation and digitalization of the HR Area.

Chief Operation Officer

March 2003 – April 2008.
Based in Asia. www.abilities-international.com & www.4selection.com
The company is owned by The Humanius Group.

Growing the company from 5 to 47 Advisors. Established the company, 4selection, in 2006.

Personnel & HR Manager

March 2002 – March 2003.
Based in Thule Air Base/North Pole. www.gc.gl/en

HR Manager

September 2000 – February 2002.
Based in Denmark. www.ikea.com
Part of the team that designed “The good working life,” a new global HR concept for IKEA.

Chief Executive Officer

July 1997 – September 2000.
Based in Denmark. www.access-personnel.jobs

Reshaped the company in Denmark and assisted the units in Sweden and Norway to grow;
Growing from DKK 66 million to DKK 201 million in 3 years.



Maj 2015 – Present.
Management and guidance of a team HR, TM, TA and L&D experts, offering HR support to different clients. Development and management of HR digitalization projects.
Advises management on the formulation and administration of plans and policies for human resource activities.
Acts as an internal consultant and recommending solutions to human resource issues relating to the assigned program or section area. Ensures program or section area complies with other established policies and procedures and with any relevant federal, state or local legislation. Assists in the planning and organizing of the assigned program or section area. Assists with developing, coordinating and recommending changes for the improvement of workflow in the program or section area. Conducts periodic audits of human resource activities to ensure compliance with laws, policies, and procedures. Leads special and cross-functional project teams.


January 2009 – Present.
Based in Asia. www.jungtypeindex.com
The company is owned by 4selection.
Created a sister company to 4selection, selling psychology analysis JTI (a new version of MBTI).

Chief Advisor to the Board

Marts 2003 – June 2013.
Based in Asia. www.humanius.com

Managed development initiatives and proposals for growth. Advised the board/senior management in setting the culture concerning the vision and mission of the Organization. Provided background and suggestions for the Board’s strategic work. Managed a team that monitored the internal rules, including the Code of Conduct & Code of Ethics. Trained in efficiency and performance management & introduced 180 & 360-feedback assessment. Implemented Innovation and Leadership Development projects.

  • Improved the labor force satisfaction rate by 21% (reaching 94%);
  • Delivered coaching processes for senior management and worked as key adviser;
  • Reduced turnover rate to 2.1% in 2012 (from 22% in 2010);
  • Growth rates of over 15% per year (higher than the average over the last ten years) and increased by 214% annually in some units, and;
  • Cost reduction of around USD 4 million by training leaders in efficiency, necessity, and result.


Sales and Marketing Manager, SAAB DENMARK, based in Denmark, February 1995 – July 1997;
General Manager, MCDONALDS DENMARK, based in Denmark, July 1992 – February 1995;
Retail Manager, BIRGER CHRISTENSEN, based in Denmark, May 1988 – July 1992;
Retail Manager, INWEAR & MATINIQUE, based in Denmark, June 1986 – May 1988;
Retail Manager, FIRST COMPANY STORE, based in Denmark, June 1986 – July 1988;
Head of Department, MAGASIN DU NORD, based in Denmark, December 1983 – June 1986;
Trainee, LORD NELSON, based in Denmark, August 1981 – December 1983.


Psychological special training in observing honesty, lies, based on face reactions, behavior, reactions in the form of action, sweat, scents, the release of energies and fluids in the body, as well as enzymes and fluids in the brain: 2016-2023.
Psychological Priming & Body Language/non-verbal communication/physical behavior. Priming/implicit memory effect: 2010 – ongoing.
Psychology, International psychology studies: Organizational psychology, cultural psychology, developmental: 1998 – current.
Human Resources Management: Organizational management, personnel administration: 2001 – 2004.
Psychology – General psychology, cognitive psychology, personality, and work and organizational psychology: 1994 – 1998.
Higher business education/HD – Organization: 1988 – 1992.
Business College: Business College, Lyngby: 1979 – 1981.
Public: Lyngby Private school, Lyngby: 1970 – 1979.


Professional Psychological tests, analyses, and indicators. Certified in: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator/MBTI, Jung Type Index/JTI, Belbin Team Role, The Predictive Index, Master Person Analysis/MPA, Big Five Personality Test, 16PF, MSF C-assessment. Methodology in the selection of Candidates: Systematic planning of questioning examined methodically (U.S. Air Force) in selection. Developed Doctors without Borders selection program for specialists, nurses, and physicians.


Member, Board of Directors of WeDoOurBest. Website: www.wedoourbest.org. 2014 -present. Fundraiser: Doctors without Borders (MSF) Hong Kong; fundraising campaign. Website: www.msf.hk. 2013 – present. Board Advisor: Doctors without Borders (MSF). Managing the volunteers and several consultancy assignments for the Board. Website: www.msf.dk. 2009 – 2012.


HR Software: Trained with “HR Manager” including Oracle Taleo, Workable, InnoMATE and Multi data. Others are Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, Workforce, and Workday. Social media: Connecting media via API, Clickbait, Google statistics, and AdWords. Setting up websites in WordPress. Languages: English and Danish fluently. I write in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German “on e-mail” level. Language studies – Chinese and Thai: 2010 – ongoing.


Passport: Danish/Danish passport, Driver’s License: Denmark. Rented apartment in Singapore & Denmark. No children. A clean criminal record. Leisure & hobbies: Sailing, kayaking, classic cars, and chess.


References: Please click: http://bit.ly/2p2kuIZ
Podcast: Human Resources in Asia – Please click: http://bit.ly/2rqw1b4
Graphic: Showing my jobs on a timeline – Please click: http://bit.ly/2rtucbP