Here you will find a list of the training we have scheduled.

We are working internationally. We do take our time seriously, we know that some of the rules, in some country can be looked negatively at, but try to think on we do follow an international standard for training lessons, and we most of all ask you to be available on time and anticipate actively in training.

Here follow the frames for the training:

To be late for training is not an option. Many people have prepared for this, and many people have been working hard to be on time, and we expect you also are ready at the time the training start.

Be sure your car don’t need to be moved under the training.

Please close your mobile phone; it is not allowed to text, send messages, or making/receiving phone calls under the training sessions.

You need to follow the training, active joining the training, and your efforts will be evaluated and only the trainees we do see showing an active anticipation can get a certificate.

In the training, we make 15, 30 and 45 minutes break, those breaks is to relax, stretch and get a cup of coffee, hot water or what you drink. Be sure that you are back 3-5 minutes before, so we do not need to wait on you.

Sometimes we give some homework, and we will ask you to do this homework if you not have done it, you can meet into the next training lesson, and you will not be able to follow the training.

You will not be able to get any refund if you don’t do your homework or is asked to leave the training as a result of beeing late.

We donate some pro bono seats for every training session, please have the pro bono code ready when signing in.

Human Resources employees and Senior Management, within a humanitarian organization, will be donated some free seats.
If you are not offered this/on our list please contact us.

You must not take a photo, or photo/copy the screen, make a video/record a video or record the voice from the training session.
All screen material is copyrighted and must not be used.

The only material that you can use is the material we send out before the training.

All slides need to be noted with our copyright notes.

We kindly ask you not to send any of the material out on the Social media.

We will not send out a list with names and contact information with the people joining the education. The ones who join we will know the names on.

If you want; you can work under an alias, in the Skype or the GoToMeeting setup. We just kindly ask are sure the trainer know who you are. And if – please send us an email before informing us about your alias.

We are looking forward to seeing you.